Influencer Database

access our database of local influencers

Sort our database using our key criteria of followers, content style, engagement rate and price. This helps you find the ideal influencer to suit your needs. 

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Cost per Engagement

Only pay for what you receive

We help you make the most of your buck by identifying a cost per exchange (CPE) for each of our influencer. You only pay for the true engagement received on posts.

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Instagram Framework

Struggling with your instagram account?

It is very easy to feel overwhelmed with Instagram content creation but worry not, our team can help you strategies and implement a framework best suited for your Instagram needs.

Your Instagram is not an archive of your brand's activities, nor is it a billboard for solely marketing purposes. Find the right way for your brand to create a reliable and authentic audience through your social media profiles.

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Grow with us

Influencer community like never before

Write your experiences as our Stories - from your favourite restaurant to your day-to-day. Be part of a community like none before, a community of like-minded content creators who understand your struggles and only want to spread positivity. We are eager to have you.

Update your status whenever you're posting on Instagram, let us. know so that we can engage with the content. Earn badges and rewards for your success. Meet us in our monthly influencer meetup where we network, create connections and learn more about influencer marketing. 

Being part of a community has never been more exciting

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Measure your success

Get reports of each influencer you select

Track the engagement, impressions and reach your paid posts have received. This helps you gauge your Return on Investment as well and identify which products do well in your niche market.

We suggest you the right influencers for your niche thus increasing your ROI

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