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Updated: Sep 2, 2020

For this meet & greet, I would like to explain in more details the concept of this particular meet and greet. In the previous meet & greet, during the "Thoughts take flight" activity, someone wrote they were the Black Sheep of their family. That resonated a lot with me and I think it did with you too. We have all been known for being the one who thinks outside the conventional and imaginary box and for this reason, I would like to celebrate that by having the theme of this meet and greet "No Such Thing As Extra".

Influencers, you are requested to come as the fanciest version of yourselves - wear that outfit you never thought was appropriate for any occasion, wear that makeup that you thought was too... extra, come as you want but celebrate your unique self.

This particular event is being hosted by The House Cafe at Maeva Tower, Ebene, they have privatised the entire venue for us, so let your freak flag fly baby girl!! XD. They will also be offering 2 booklets of vouchers (each booklet worth Rs 3,000) to two of you based on 1 icebreaker challenge.

Jeff Soo will be adding to the decor of the event, he truly believes in the vision of the Meet and Greets and is helping out of his own free will, I would like to thank him for that. Jeff will be making small hashtags for the photobooth and I need your vote for that. Please choose your favourite 3 hashtags out of these 4 1) #Paenelizaz 2) #Patravailgratis 3) #AretCriticDimoune 4) #KonekTwalorbaz

I would also like to thank Lexia for preparing fabulous Thank You favours for the event, so each of you will have a signature token of appreciation from Lexia - I am most eager for that tbh!! XD

As always, Maution Studio and Ashley Rambhojun will be taking the videos and pictures of the event and I am immensely grateful for that.

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